Gianna Liani, Painter and Designer, was born on 10 June 1946 in Martignacco (Udine) and she lives and works there. With the various exhibitions of paintings, personal and collective all over the world, she has obtained many awards and recognitions from the Press and the Media, including the LEON D’ORO at the Venice Biennale in 1995. Advertising Award at the Chambre de Commerce en Paris, Insertion in the French Cultural Exchanges in Lyon, Special Bricolage Prize at Palazzo Patriarcale in Venice, admission to the competition of the “BLUE ZONE” BIENNALE DI VENEZIA 2009. In 2009 she received the PATENT of Design and Creations from the Ministry for Economic Development of Rome with the Registered trademark “CREAZIONI GIANNA LIANI”.

She has exhibited her works at extra-continental fairs as far as New Zealand, including Australia, California, New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Hollywood, Miami Beach, Dubai etc. obtaining a great success for the absolutely innovative “Made in Italy”, so much so that in Manhattan she was invited to the ACCENT ON DESIGN of the Jacob K. JavitS Convention Center, the most elite space reserved exclusively for Italy.

In recent years, after the exhibitions in New York, San Francisco, Paris and Dubai, she has created new works inspired by AMERICAN POP ART, renewed according to a singular executive modality in “ULTRA POP ART IN PROGRESS” in the liveliness of the representation that corresponds to immediate communication visual, while the charm of woman pervades in the paintings. Among the gleams of pearls and stones that embellish the image of fantastic alchemy in a theater of lights and colors fixing it permanently in its support with biocomponent resins, we thus fortunately obtain the birth of a NEW ART LANGUAGE which is called “ULTRA POP ART”.

Various Awards and Recognitions are to be attributed to this new technique. To name a few: 2018 RENE ’MAGRITTE INTERNATIONAL AWARD – International Biennial of Flanders Out Saint Jan Museum BRUGES Belgium; 2018 BRUNELLESCHI International Award at Palazzo Ximènes Florence; 2018 GOLDEN BOOK OF TODAY’S MASTERS on the cover Gianna Liani Academic Center of Art Padua; 2019 CULTURE AWARD IDENTITY Municipal Theater of La Spezia; 2019 PAINTING AWARD in NEW YORK to the Artist Gianna Liani for having enhanced Italian Art and Creativity.