GIANNA LIANI , born in Martignacco Udine Italy on 10/06/1946, started her career as company secretary for Delser, a confectionery company based in Martignacco, before her marriage in 1967 when she joined her husband’s business in the retail sector until 1980. Starting from 1980, Gianna repositioned the business into the handicrafts sector focussing on design and production of giftware, accessories and “bomboniere” (wedding keepsakes) under the company name “PAK80”. In 1995 the business completed its transformation into an arts and crafts studio, becoming a registered trademark with the Italian Ministry for Economic Development in Rome and started trading under the name “Creazioni Gianna Liani”.

Gianna is owner and director of the company and has extensively developed her skill base undertaking professional development courses in Sales & Marketing, English Language, IT and arts based courses in Painting, Sculpture and Design.

Between 1998 and 2005, Gianna’s studio has hosted frequent seminars and training courses open to Art College students, focussing in particular on fabric, ceramics and glass painting, fabric design, male and female fashion and graphic design. A large number of international of students have attended her studio over the years, including Polish, Croatian, English and Middle Eastern nationals. Gianna has also lectured extensively in the Regional Cultural Centres.

Helped by her scholarship trainees, Gianna’s studio has been creating over the years a completely original range of unique giftware and accessories that have been showcased in Italy and abroad. Her creations have featured across the globe in international design and trade fairs, including the USA (New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas), the UAE (Dubai), New Zealand and Australia. A special recognition of her achievements came with the invitation to Accent On Design at the Jacob K Javits Convention Centre of New York in 2002.

Gianna has also exhibited her work as an artist in personal and group exhibitions internationally, gaining many awards and prizes from Press and Media, including the “Leon d’Oro” a the Venice Biennale of 1995, the Chambre de Commerce of Paris Award, inclusion in the French Cultural Exchange Programme in Lyon, Special Award “Bricolage” at the Palazzo Patriarcale in Venice, exhibition entry at the Progetto Blue Zone of the Venice Biennale of 2009, “Design & Creazioni” patent MSE-Rome in 2009, exhibition entry at the Artistic Visions event at the Palazzo delle Prigioni in Venice in 2012, exhibition entry at Progetto Overplay in Palazzo Albrizzi at the Venice Biennale of 2013, award recipient at the Emozioni exhibition of the “Artisti in Vetrina” international competition in Venice 2013, and entry at the “Venezia e Colonia a confronto” exhibition in Palazzo Albrizzi in Venice, Carnival 2014. May 2015 Collective Exhibit “Majson e Objet Americas”, Convention Center Miami Beach, Florida, United States. May 2015 Collective Exhibit “Italian Luxury Interiors in New York” ICFF – New York, Jacob K. Javits Convention Center Manhattan, New York, United States. June 2015, Exposure “DREAMS AND VISIONS IN VENICE”, Shows introduced by Prof.Giorgio PILLA, Scoletta di San Zaccaria, VENEZIA.